Life-size cutout of DM

I wanted to make a life-size cutout of Scientology's leader David Miscavige. I couldn't find a full size photo of him online that would blow up well.  What to do?  There was a good head shot but no body.  Well... In the Star Wars series, the builder of the Death Star was Director Krennic.  This person had a lofty position, a lofty outfit, and even looked a bit like DM.  So, I bought a Director Krennic doll and took photos.  An appropriate body!  Put head to body, and voila.  I ordered a cutout 5'3'' tall, and this is the result.


A few people took me up on my offer


DM needs to get outdoors once in a while for that Vitamin D


DM sometimes drives himself around Florida


If you'd like to make your own life-size cutout of DM/Director Krennic, you can use the graphic here.  Many graphic shops will make these, otherwise google "life-size cutout"